I gratefully acknowledge the Jagera and Turrbal Peoples as the traditional owners of the land where I live, write this blog, and photograph. And, I pay my respects to their Elders both past and present.

If you wish to commission a portrait shoot, please head to the Portraits Page.  

I have Google+ and Facebook accounts, but I'm not active on either. I don't have an Instagram or a Twitter account. (140 characters? Really?) My Blog, Gallery, YouTube Channel, Tumblr, and email are my electronic connections to the world.

In this blog I will try to:
  • Be honest in my dealings and helpful; and
  • focus on those things I find interesting or useful; and
  • avoid criticising or diminishing the views or choices of others.
If I get something wrongly (or rightly) or if you want to add a comment, then please let me know by using the comment feature on the respective post, or by using the contact form shown at the right.

(So, while I make every effort to be accurate and helpful, no warranty of fitness is either claimed or implied.)

I won't knowingly:
  • Photograph anyone in a way that will hold them up to ridicule, make them uncomfortable, or in a way that I believe they (or I) will later regret;
  • fail to consider a subject's reservations about the appropriateness of a pose or image;
  • fail to consider the privacy of subjects;
  • photograph young children without care;
  • steal (present as my own) anyone else's images, words, ideas, or music;
  • take advantage of the less fortunate;
  • disregard my safety or anyone else's; or
  • fail to be straightforward about who I am, and that I'm there to take photographs.

I and my family live in Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, in Australia. Brisbane is located about halfway up the eastern coast and is semi-tropical. I'm originally from Chicago, but if I never see another flake of snow it will be too soon. 

ABN: 46 287 989 386