25 April, 2018

Sigma Art Lenses for the FE Mount

"Open 7 Days" - Winton, Queensland - Sigma 24-105mm Art

Sigma's announcement of adding the FE (full-frame Sony) mount to many of their Art Series lenses has an added element: Sigma Mount Conversion.

If you've been reading my posts, I'm a Sigma Art user via Sigma's MC-11 Mount Converter. Native glass would have been my first choice, but Sigma Arts with the converter have been a reasonable balance between cost, needs and quality. I've been happy with that, as the Sigma lenses are on an optical par with Sony glass – not as fast-focusing, but at half the Sony prices here in Australia.

I've read some complaints about adapting DSLR lenses to Mirrorless. Sigma seems to be planning some short flange lenses for Sony (and probably the upcoming Canon and Nikon mirrorless bodies). And, this is likely to save size and weight. But I think that it will take a while and I've found my Sigma primes (24, 35, 85 and 135mm) to be outstanding. Big and heavy, but outstanding.

I've been advised by Australia's Sigma distributor that mount conversion kits will follow on from the availability of each particular FE Art lens.

It crossed my mind to wait and see what Canon will be providing in a mirrorless, full-frame body. But, alas, waiting on Canon seems like a fools errand. I can't even be sure the new Canon body will be in the EF mount.

So, when the kits are available I'll be converting my Sigma Art primes to the FE Mount. Interestingly, the 24-105mm zoom doesn't appear on Sigma's conversion list.

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