26 October, 2017

Lightroom Classic

Susanne at the Shornecliffe Pier - Sigma 85mm, f/1.4

Adobe is dropping its stand-alone version of Lightroom. Both of the Lightroom incarnations (the desktop and the mobile) will be subscription only, and that's upsetting some users. Some are even threatening to jump ship; seemingly based on a view that there's more "security" in a stand-alone version than in a subscription.

I don't see it.

Some users seem to feel this is a money grab by Adobe — well, of course. And, I hope that means that Adobe will remain committed to keeping the circus tent up. The time to worry is when there's little or no money in it — I'm thinking of Nik Software here.

Stand-alone or subscription, in this digital age we RAW shooters are at the mercy of the software houses to address new cameras and sensors, new lenses, new operating systems, bug fixes, hacking vulnerabilities, and (not least) to provide new features. 

I've been on an Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop/Portfolio subscription plan for some time, and it's working just fine.

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