17 September, 2017

YES, to Marriage Equality

This is about equality. Nothing more.

There are those who want to say this is about polygamy or freedom of speech, etc, etc. It's not. It's only about extending the right to marry (a right that most Australians enjoy) to same-sex couples.

Freedom: It's already illegal in Queensland to discriminate against someone (in employment, housing and most commerce) on the basis of their sexual orientation. Those laws promote an open and fair Australia. That's not going to change.

Religious practice: Churches who find marriage equality repugnant will be able to go about their business. That's because government doesn't intrude on the religious beliefs of its citizens. But, conversely, there should be a recognition that a church should not be able to impose its religious views on the rest of society.

I think we've lost our way on that issue.

When I was boy I was raised as a Catholic. So, we didn't eat meat on Fridays for religious reasons — although I'm still not clear what those reasons were. Anyway, my Mother was a devout Catholic, but she would never have entertained the idea of imposing her Friday dietary views on others — unless, of course, you were coming to our house for a Friday feed. 

I know what you're thinking: Do I still like tuna casserole? YES, I do.

[For those of you outside of Australia: The Australian government is currently running a survey in regard to marriage equity. Without a positive survey result they won't let the question go to a vote in the parliament. But, by the way, the survey results are not binding.]

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