10 February, 2017

Go figure

Zeiss 50mm Loxia - Hats on the Santa Monica Pier

With all the recent news and discussion surrounding the Sigma 85mm Art, I've had a look at the relative prices between the United States and Australia.

So, for example, in the United States (at B&H) the Sigma 85mm f/1.4 Art (for the Canon Mount) and the Zeiss 85mm f/1.8 Batis are the same price, and the Sony 85mm GM is 50% more than each of those.

In Australia (at CameraPro) the Zeiss 85mm is 49% more than the Sigma, and the Sony is 107% more than the Sigma.

Yes, 107% — in Australia the Sony is more than twice as much as the Sigma. 

But there's a little more to the tale: The price of the Sigma just went up in Australia (at least at CameraPro), seemingly on the recent news of its DXOMark score and the DPReview report. Before the last few days, the Sony was 137% more than the Sigma 85mm Art.