19 October, 2016

Switched to the Mac

Sony/Zeiss 55mm - Coolangatta, Queensland [Click on image to enlarge]

I've moved to the Mac (OS 10.12 Sierra), leaving behind my Windows 7 machine.

I inherited the Mac.

The PC was over 4 years old and it was struggling with Lightroom, so it came at the right time. The PCs ancient graphics card wasn't recognised by LR, and the program and the PC both struggled with any but the simplest HDRs or panoramas.

The switch has forced me to do a badly needed cleanup. Over the years utilities and files have accumulated. With the advances in Lightroom I won't be needing the external sharpening, HDR and stitching programs.

I have, however, loaded the Nik suite from Google. I'm still a big fan of Silver Efex Pro 2. But I'm still worried that Google won't be updating the (now free) suite.

What made the switch possible is the Adobe Photography Plan (Lightroom and Photoshop) being agnostic about the platforms. If you switch off the PC version, you can download the Mac version and off you go. Thanks, Adobe.

I haven't calibrated my monitor on the new system yet. For that I had to pop for the i1 Display Pro. Once that's done I'll be able to get the printer going.

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