03 July, 2016

The Greens Campaign in Ryan 2016

As I've mentioned before, the Australian Greens in the Federal seat of Ryan in Queensland have been kind enough to allow me to photograph their volunteer campaign work.

Over the many weeks of the recent election campaign here in Australia, I've seen door knocking, meeting organising, placard waving, phone calling, roadside sits, bicycle tows, polling-place banner raising, and the handing out of "how to vote" cards — and I didn't see all of it, or even a large part.

What I learned is that for the Greens it's not just a campaign, it's a cause. It's not just about votes, it's about ideas.

My thanks, again, to the Greens workers that let me follow their efforts, and to the candidate for Ryan, Sandra Bayley, and her campaign coordinator, Don Sinnamon.

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