16 June, 2016

Sigma 24mm with the MC-11

Sigma 24mm "Art" w/MC-11 at f/1.4 - Bardon Queensland [Click on image to enlarge.]

The Sigma MC-11 mount converter does give the Sigma 24mm the feel of a native Sony FE-Mount lens. The focusing is quick and accurate and all the expected information is reported in the Exif data.

Lightroom is able to apply Adobe's Sigma-lens profile with no problems. But even though I have a user preset to apply lens profiles on import, it's not automatic for the 24mm. That may be because the 24mm is a Canon mount.

There is a bit of focus noise, but I don't know if that arises from using the converter, or whether it's inherent in the lens. It doesn't bother me, however, as I think only the photographer can hear it. But then, I'm not a videographer.

The mount connection between the lens and the MC-11 has confidence-building tightness — no wobble. And it's a match aesthetically.

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