21 March, 2016

Jason Lanier - Generous Photographer

Zeiss Batis 85mm - John Thompson of Cloudstreet at CD Launch in Brisbane [Click image to enlarge]

There are a few photographers who have taken the time and made the effort to share some of their knowledge and experience on YouTube. Over time I'll mention a few of them, but first up is Jason Lanier.

Firstly, many of Jason Lanier's videos are excerpts from his workshops. He's a working photographer and it seems clear that workshops are an important aspect of his professional work. He's also an Ambassador for Rotolight and a member of Sony's Artisan program. So his videos are also publicity, both for his work and for his sponsors.

The short version is that he's done a lot of videos and there's a lot to be learned: Behind the scenes at workshops, working with models, working with light, views on equipment, work at weddings, travel, the business of photography....

I've found his videos very helpful. Thanks, Jason.

Here's an example:

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