12 March, 2016

Batteries make the world go 'round

Zeiss 50mm Loxia - Gallery of Modern Art

The move from analog to digital has made batteries essential to almost everything that we do as photographers. And so, it's not just sad, but often paralysing, when batteries go flat and there are no replacements.

It is not entirely serendipity that, aside from my cameras, just about every powered device I use (light meter, wireless trigger, speedlights, LED lights, flashlight) use AA batteries.

I hate button batteries. Even when I find one at the bottom of the drawer or bag it's usually the wrong size. And when I go out to get them, I don't always find them at the first place I go.

I love AA batteries. They may be big, but there will always be some down the street at the supermarket, petrol station or the chemist. And rechargeables are an easy and economical option.

The batteries that devices use aren't the deciding factor in my equipment choices, but they are a factor. I'm not sure how long this happy arrangement will continue, but at the moment it's working.

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