14 November, 2015

Tenba Reload Battery 2 - Battery Pouch

Zeiss Loxia 50mm - Old Petrie Town - Whiteside, Queensland [Click image to enlarge,]

I don't like batteries loose in my pocket or in the bottom of my camera bag. The Tenba Reload Battery 2 - Battery Pouch fixes that. And, for once, it's something useful that isn't expensive.

First, the case is designed for larger, DSLR batteries. Sony's FW50 batteries (for the A7 series, NEX, A6000, and RX10 cameras) are smaller than the case was designed to hold. That means that FW50 batteries in the upright orientation move around a bit inside the Tenba case. This, however, isn't a problem, it's an opportunity.

Because the Sony batteries are smaller, they can also fit firmly in the Tenba case when placed sideways. (The actual battery pouch is formed by stretchy neoprene.) This allows me to keep charged batteries upright and discharged batteries sideways.

This means that I can tell if there's a charged battery in the case either by shaking or poking it. When I give the case a bit of a shake, if there's a charged (upright) battery inside I can feel it moving. Alternatively, if I press on either side of the case I can feel whether there's an upright or sideways battery inside.

Sony's FW50 batteries are big enough that they can't fall out accidentally; and, at the same time, they can't change orientation once I place them sideways. While there's a snug fit for batteries that are placed sideways, they pop out easily with a little push on the neoprene from below.

The Tenba case also has a belt loop (with Velcro so it can wrap around a belt or strap) and rings, that afford a variety of carrying options. I, on the other hand, just put the Tenba case in my bag or in my pocket.

The case has a little piece of advice printed on the inside of the flap: "NEVER COMPROMISE." Nonsense — I compromise all the time.

Tenba has a video showing its memory card wallets and batteries cases HERE.

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Thanks for the review. We're happy to hear you like the Reload pouch.