03 November, 2015

Peak Design Camera Straps

Zeiss Loxia 50mm - Old Petrie Town - Whiteside, Queensland [Click image to enlarge.]

A while ago I started using Peak Design's wrist strap, called the Cuff, and their neck/shoulder strap, called the Slide. Peak Design makes a few different products, but it's their camera straps that most interest me.

Here are the benefits for me:

I've dumped the D-rings. I hate D-rings. They're fiddly, they clink, and attaching straps to them is a pain. (I don't know why they call them D-rings anymore, because they're not "D" shaped, they're triangular with an even smaller, tiny plastic clip.)

Happily the Peak Design Anchors attach directly to the lugs of my cameras. So, once attached to the lugs, I never have to fiddle with D-rings again.
Hint: The Sony camera body lugs are small and there is no way that you can PUSH the cord of an Anchor through. You can, however, PULL an Anchor cord through. I use a doubled length of dental floss, with a small bit of soap on the Anchor cord. That allows me to pull them through the hole in the lug.
I don't need a strap for each camera. With Anchors on each camera, any Peak Design strap will attach to any camera.

No metal ends. Many other straps have metal connectors at their ends. I've been worried that heavy, metal connectors at the ends of long straps may not always play nice with exposed, expensive glass. The Peak Design straps have light, rounded plastic on the ends of their connectors and Anchors.

Secure but easily used — one-handed. Switching between the Slide and the Cuff, or switching between cameras is quick and easy.

Non-slip Slide. The Slide has a rubberised strip on one side. If I want to use it over one shoulder, I just flip the Slide to access the shoulder-gripping side. Nice.

I don't want to give the impression that the straps that I was using before were "deficient." They weren't. It's just that the Peak Design straps work better for me given how I'm shooting now.

I read that there had been some failures with the spring mechanisms in the connectors; and it's the connectors that are the heart of the system. So, I wrote and asked, and I received a prompt and informative reply that put my concerns to rest. And then, when I went to B and H, I noticed that there were two versions of both the Slide and the Cuff, at the same prices. So I went with the Mark II versions for each.

Below is one of Peak Design's videos (2:25) that shows how the connectors and anchors work.

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