23 October, 2015

Cars and Malls - enemies of photography

Zeiss Batis 85mm - Seller at the Southbank Markets [Click image to enlarge.]

Much of my daily travel is by car. And while I often see photo opportunities while I'm driving, those opportunities quickly fade as I zip past. (I've seen some people photographing from their cars while driving. I wouldn't do that if I could.) And then, my destination is often a mall or other venue that prohibits photography.

This is not a tale of woe. In terms of the world, I'm privileged to be able to afford a car and privileged to be able to afford to buy things at a mall when I get there. (I don't, however, shop at Big Box Mart.)

My point (you probably thought I'd never get there) is that these constraints do take some of the spontaneity out of photography. It means that I have to decide to find a place where I can take and use my camera. That makes outdoor markets attractive: Sellers, buyers, browsers, colour and movement. The only problem with markets — I hate to say — is lack of parking.

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