29 September, 2015

Epson HD and HDX inks are coming

Sony G 70-200mm - Mt Coot-tha, Toowong Queensland [Click image to enlarge.]

Epson has announced new printers and new UltraChrome HD and HDX ink sets. These 24 and 44 inch printers come with either an 8 or a 10 ink configuration (8 is the HD and 10 is the HDX). And, within the 10-ink sets there's a further choice between "light, light black" or a new violet.

I am NOT in the market for a printer to replace my Epson 3880. My 3880 seems to have plenty of life left in it; so, until that changes, the UltraChrome K3 inks will do nicely.

I am pleased, however, that there are advances in the art. I'm a big fan of some of the newer matte papers (Epson's Hot Press Natural, for example) and it looks like the new inks will deliver an improved Dmax for these. Seemingly, more of the pigment stays at or near the surface of the print. As you would expect, the new ink sets also promise greater gamut and longevity.

It's also being claimed that the new printheads will have much longer lives, not being subjected to in-head heating.

As to hardware, the 3880 is succeeded by the already released, HD inkset, 17 inch, P800. That printer benefits from roll paper, but it has no built-in cutter. Who knows, perhaps one day I'll be ready to move to 24 inch paper.

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