26 September, 2015

Camera bags and Velcro

Sony G 70-200mm - Mt Coot-tha, Queensland [Click image to enlarge.]

I keep reading opinions and reviews about camera bags that seem to be negative about the use of Velcro. This negativity seems to arise for one reason: When you separate the hooks from the loops it makes a loud, tearing sound.

I want to say a few words in support of Velcro and its use in camera bags, and even about the loud tearing sound.

When the flap on my bag drops back down, the Velcro catches — automatically. That provides three benefits:
  1. My bag isn't open to the world; and
  2. anyone trying to open my bag will make a noise and have to tug at it (alerting me); and
  3. if I'm seriously jostled or if I fall down, the contents of my bag will not spill out.
If the price for this is a bit of noise now and again, I'm okay with that.

(Interestingly, it appears that "Velcro" isn't the name of the product, it's the name of the company that makes the hook and loop product. I call it Velcro anyway.)

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