19 May, 2015

Cheeky self portrait

Zeiss Loxia 50mm - The English Channel, by Michael Parekowhai [click to enlarge]

I don't photograph other people's art, except when I'm showing something else. (In this case, me.)

The heroic, stainless-steel sculpture above, is by New Zealand artist, Michael Parekowhai. The figure is from an installation (called The English Channel) within the exhibition, entitled, The Promised Land. The exhibition is showing at the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA), in Brisbane, until 21 June.

I have a few rules, and I wondered whether the one mentioned above should be included in the ones I mention on my "About" page. I decided it would be silly of me to even try to formulate an exhaustive list. I'm happy with the bare-bones list of things I won't do:
  • Photograph anyone in a way that will hold them up to ridicule, make them uncomfortable, or in a way that, I believe they (or I) will later regret;
  • photograph young children without care;
  • take advantage of the powerless, the distressed or the disadvantaged;
  • disregard my safety or anyone else's; or
  • fail to be forthright about who I am, and that I'm there to take photographs.

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