11 February, 2015


Brisbane Art Gallery [click to enlarge]

Annie Leibovitz wrote that, "The camera gave you a license to go out alone in the world with a purpose." So, I try to think of my camera as a license to take an interest in the business of others – uninvited. And, mostly, it works. But, if someone waves me away, I don't take the shot.

People usually smile, or mug it up, or, occasionally, ignore me (and my "license"). So, then, for a moment, I think, "what was I so worried about?"

If I only took candid shots, or from behind, or from a distance, I'd miss most of what's in front of me. (I miss too much anyway.) There's nothing wrong with any of those shots, but they're not enough.

I'm still hoping it will get easier.

(The image above comes out splotchy in Blogger. Sorry.)

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