06 December, 2014

Eye focus

Noumea [click to enlarge]

I agreed to take eight, head-and-shoulder portraits for work. There wasn't much time, so I used it as an opportunity to try out the "eye focus" feature on the A7 (it's also on the A6000, I believe).

The camera nailed the focus every time. And, with focus peaking on, when the camera found the eye I could see the sparkle in that eye from the peaking. A "twinkle in the eye," if you will.

I chimped the first couple of shots in the LCD to see that I was hitting it; but after those I trusted in the camera.

By assigning the feature to a programmable button, it's there when I need it but keeps out of the way otherwise. I've never used the "smile" shutter (I actually prefer that people don't smile), but I do like this feature.

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