19 November, 2014

Steady on? Thumbs up.

A dog's life.

Thank goodness for higher ISO sensors, 'cuz it's getting tougher to hold the longer shutter speeds.

Yes, it helps to keep the coffee levels down (but I've got to have some coffee). Yes, I keep those elbows in. And, yes, a high ISO is usually better than a low shutter speed. And I do lean against something solid when it presents itself.

But, because I wear glasses, it's hard for me to pull the camera in against my face, so I have an alternative:

ISO 1600 at 1/15 sec.
My right hand holds the camera in the normal way, so that I can use my right index-finger on the shutter release. I wedge the base of the lens between my left index and middle fingers. Now here's the important bit (and you can't see it in the picture): I put my left thumb under my chin and put pressure upwards.

This works best with cameras of a modest size and auto-focus lenses, of course.

When my camera only had the back LCD, I would extend the camera away from me until the neck strap (I used one then) became tight. That solids up the camera nicely.

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Wolfgang Lonien said...

Wonderful photo Bill - congrats!