15 November, 2014

Printing technology

Australian Ugg Boot factory, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Epson is teasing us with the details of their new ink set for the upcoming Epson P600, a 13 inch desktop with roll capability. Supposedly, this is not just advertising "new," but really new.

If you print (and particularly if you print on an Epson), then I suggest that you listen to the Epson P600 interview at the Luminous Landscape.

If the new technology is as good as they suggest, then the changes that they're talking about will require new machines, and new profiles for every paper — and perhaps some new papers.

Unlike the leaps in sensor technology, printing technologies have moved much more slowly over the last few years. It looks like that might be changing.

The new set will still have 9 ink cartridges inside (like the current UltraChrome K3 Vivid Magenta set) — at any one time accessing 8. It sounds like that's where the similarities end.

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