03 November, 2014


Resort 1/3, Bargara, Queensland

Resort 2/3, Bargara, Queensland

Resort 3/3, Bargara, Queensland

I'm not sure why, but if I haven't posted on the blog for a time, I feel guilty.

It's not like I'm being paid. And sadly, but certainly, it's not like a rock concert where, when waiting for the band to appear, the audience begins to chant. Maybe it's watching the blog's page view statistics drop as the days pass.

In any case, here's a recent trio of pictures. 

I'll try for something pithy to say next time.

When you fly under the radar,
you can fly wherever you want.
Just make sure that when you drop off the scope,
they don't come looking for you.
—Yllib Ybnad (b. 1948)

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