10 September, 2014

Holding on longer?


So, here we are:
  • Digital cameras are as good or better than medium format film.
  • Camera feedback to users, such as histograms, focus peaking and zebras, dramatically improves the reliability of image capture.
  • The convenience of 32gb cards over 36 shot film, is unbelievable – and memory is cheap.
  • The various flavours of image stabilisation work like magic.
  • Autofocus can be really, really quick, and accurate.
  • Low light performance is off the old charts.
  • Lens selection is better than adequate, and in many cases outstanding.
  • Many cameras are so small the problem is fitting in the controls. 
  • Digital colour is so good they don't even make most of the transparency films anymore. 
  • Digital photography is much, much less expensive than film.
  • The selection of bags, straps, tripods and other accessories is almost unlimited.
  • Digital printers blow the doors off of wet darkrooms.
  • Access to legacy lenses using mirrorless cameras is incredible.
  • The addition of video into cameras is icing on the cake for still photographers.

As digital has finally delivered the goods, I think photographers will be holding on to cameras longer. I know I am.

Tough times ahead for manufacturers?

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