06 September, 2014

Burning bridges


I was very surprised to hear from Michael Reichmann (in his video – he doesn't actually call me), that he's sold his Nikon gear.

Those who've moved "down" to mirrorless gear often seem to advise that they're still hedging their bets: That there's a D800 on the shelf, "just in case."

I think that some enthusiasts are worried that without the "big iron," they'll erode their status as "serious" photographers. (NB I've got Michael's, 20 Year Photography Retrospective book, and it's clear that Michael doesn't need to worry about securing his place as an artist.)

I, on the other hand, have been creeping up from the other end – smaller formats. The FZ7 (no RAW, but TIFF) was useful in its day; and the LX3 (my first RAW camera) was better yet. (I don't actually get teary-eyed, but I'm still wistful about the LX3.) 

As Michael Reichmann also noted, Canikon needs to be thinking hard about the future.

Can you feel it? I think the ground is shifting.

(As I've mentioned before, however, those who earn their livings taking pictures have different needs. If I was a wedding photographer, I'd have more than one Canikon.)

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