14 August, 2014


Chinese New Year, Ferney Hills, Brisbane

Some people rail against watermarks, but they seem useful to me. I'm not a fan of watermarks that go through the centers of a photos, to make them useless for any normal viewing.

Clearly, I don't have to worry that the millions that would otherwise be mine will be siphoned off by Internet pirates. A discrete watermark, however, serves a few purposes:

© 2014 billdanby.com
  • The copyright symbol reminds people that if they want to use a picture of mine, they should ask; and
  • the year lends a photo a bit of chronological perspective; and
  • the billdanby.com, not only tells them whose work it is, but where to find me. 
I wouldn't put a watermark on a print; but here on the blog or Internet gallery, I think it's reasonable.

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