30 August, 2014

Plan, to be disappointed

Mt Coot-tha, Brisbane

I've been talking a lot about Jay Maisel lately, so I'll give it one more go.

I've been watching his videos, and his message (for shooting on the street) is, don't plan:
When I go out, I try very hard not to predetermine what I want to do; and I want to go out as unprepared as possible, so that I can get filled up with what the world has to offer. And, the more I can be influenced by what 's around me the more fun it is for me. [From the video embedded in my 29 May 2014 post.]
With the benefit of Maisel's advice, I've gone back to my Lightroom library. I can see that where I went out with an idea or a plan, it was usually an unproductive outing. On the other hand (as Maisel pointedly suggests), when I looked at the street shots that I liked the most, I had no plan to get those shots before they presented themselves.

It's different, of course, if you're going out to do a portrait of a friend or to take family pictures. After all, a birthday is what a birthday is: Smiling guest of honour, the cake, the blowing out of candles, the opening of gifts – you get the idea.

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