30 July, 2014

Who do you trust? Part 1

The Gateway Bridge, Brisbane

Over the years I've found a number of useful photography websites and blogs. I want to share some of these, just in case they are some you have missed. The list is, however, too long for one post, so I'm going to break it down into bite-size portions over time.

I don't have any relationships with any of these sites or their authors, except that I occasionally post on their forums or blogs, or buy their products.

There's no order to these mentions, except this is how they occurred to me; but it's not an accident that the Luminous Landscape came to mind first.

I have consistently relied on the Luminous Landscape for useful information, advice and opinion. That reliance is due, in significant part, to my always being able to distinguish between what's information, what's advice, and what's opinion. 

I think that if you do "fine art" printing, then the Luminous-Landscape deserves to be your "go to" site. It has great forums, it's loaded with essays, reviews and articles, and, in addition to the website, there are the LuLa videos.

Over the years, the LuLa videos (for purchase) on Lightroom and printing have been extremely helpful. There's a free, 21 minute sample about "Black and White Workflow in Lightroom," #36 from the series, "From Camera to Print and Screen." These instructional videos are hosted by Michael Reichmann (the founder of the Luminous Landscape) and Chicago photographer (and Lightroom, Photoshop and Camera Raw expert), Jeff Schewe.

It may be an injustice to him not to afford him his own heading, but Jeff Schewe deserves a special mention in any case. I was introduced to him through the LuLa videos. But in addition, I highly recommend Jeff's books, particularly "The Digital Negative" and "The Digital Print." (These, of course, parallel the Ansel Adams books, "The Camera," "The Negative," and "The Print.")

If you've seen the LuLa videos, then there's much in the books that will be familiar, but they're invaluable resources, particularly for printers. For convenience, there's an Amazon Page for Jeff Schewe. (And, no, I don't have a deal with Amazon.)

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