15 March, 2014

The Good Ol' Days?

Bushland Park, Brisbane, Australia

For me, the iconic camera store in Chicago will always be Altmans on North Wabash. I could go there and oggle the cameras and equipment that I couldn't afford. And, they usually had the work of a local photographer in their foyer. In those days, the late '60s and '70's, it was still Marshall Field and Company ("Fields") across the street. 

Further South on Wabash was Kroch's and Brentano's Book Store — THE book store. And just a few blocks away, was/is the start of Route 66, at Michigan and Adams. Yes, I know some say it's Jackson Street, but if you're heading west, Adams is a one way street—westbound.

Adams Street looking west, with Wabash and the Elevated ("El") up ahead (a Google streetview)

Wabash, what a street.

It's sad, then, to hear of the loss of another bricks and mortar company—the closing of Calumet Photo. It's just the most recent of a long line of lost businesses.

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