17 December, 2013

The APS-C E-Mount

Port Willunga, South Australia

Yesterday I was watching a Luminous Landscape Video Journal (#9, from late 2003–ten years ago). In one of the segments, Michael Reichmann talks about when he determined that his $7k, 11mp, Canon 1DS was delivering better images than 120 film in every regard. (Not just 35mm film, but medium format film.)

What struck me was that every NEX camera, and even the RX100, has a better DXO sensor score than that early 1DS.

Some people seem to be worrying about the fate of Sony’s APS-C, E-Mount system. I don't’ think that Sony will hand the APS-C segment over to the Panasonic, Olympus and Fujifilm folks any time soon. And, I'm pretty certain that Sony gave assurances to Zeiss about the persistence of the line to induce them to introduce the “Touit” lenses.

Wanna do Art?
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—Yllib Ybnad (b. 1948)

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