04 November, 2013

Dear Sony

Saint Louis Cathedral, the oldest Cathedral in North America

Sony has, once again, grabbed the photography world's attention with new cameras. The new, full-frame, interchangeable lens, mirrorless A7 and A7r are gorgeous. And, these follow hard on the heels of the RX1, Sony's, similarly gorgeous, full-frame, fixed-lens camera.

Small full-frames seem to be the trend. (Must be, if Nikon is paying attention.)

In the years to come I'll probably move to full-frame. But right now, APS-C works for me. (When I started typing that last sentence, I first wrote "APS-C is good enough." But that sounded like it was some kind of trade-off. It wasn't.)

When I chose the NEX system, they were the tools I wanted — still want. The NEX 6 & 7 are small, light, inconspicuous, reliable, have built-in viewfinders, and outstanding sensors. (Pity about the interface.) And, the E-Mount lens line has outstanding primes, in the range that I want.

Sony, I won't be moving to full-frame right now. But you keep up the good work. And so will I.

“It’s a poor workman who blames his tools;”
but poorer he, who fails to exploit those he has.
—Yllib Ybnad (b. 1948)

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