18 September, 2013

New Orleans

My Bride and I were in New Orleans last month. It was our first time back in many years – our previous visit was well before Katrina.

We visited the 9th Ward and the terrible damage was still evident wherever we looked. The French Quarter, on the other hand, seems unchanged.

We stayed where we used to stay, The Dauphine Orleans, and it seemed unchanged as well. It's a modest hotel, in the Quarter, on Dauphine Street – parallel to, and one block over from Bourbon Street.Our room looked out over the Quarter, toward the Mississippi River.

window view
I used to come down from Chicago regularly for work, and used it as a jumping off point for Mexico, Belize, Honduras and Guatemala. New Orleans is one of the first cites that my Bride and I visited together before we were married. And, my friends brought me down for my bachelors party. The city holds a lot of memories for me.

It's quite another thing to visit New Orleans from Australia, however, so I don't think there are too many more visits in my future. That's very sad.

My Bride

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