23 February, 2013

Kyneton, Victoria

I'm a Queensland boy now, but last month we visited a small town in Victoria – Kyneton – for a couple of days. It's about 85 k's north-west of Melbourne. What's particularly charming about Kyneton is its variety of great restaurants. (Others might be as impressed by its antique shops, but I guess this shows where I'm coming from.)

Hanging Rock, the location of Peter Weir's movie, "Picnic at HR" isn't far.

Below is James Street in the early evening. It's a quiet, rural town, so it's possible to stand in the street to take the odd photo.

Early evening in Kyneton

10 February, 2013

Chinese New Year

In celebration of Chinese New Year, a local Kung-Fu club brought their Lion Dancers to a street festival yesterday.

Lion dancing (as opposed to Dragon dancing) is two-person per animal affair. The dancers were accompanied by the traditional cymbals, gong and drum — followed, of course, by fireworks.

Happy New Year.