10 November, 2012

Fashion police

I find myself occasionally bumping into one or another of the “fashion police” websites. It’s probably paradoxical (I prefer not to use the word “hypocritical”); but I feel obliged to respond with some (partly negative) comments of my own.

The negativity is relentless. (Whatever happened to, “live and let live?”) And, you can see it played out in the on-line comments of the cheer squads, whose staple contributions are: “Eweew,” “noooooooooo,” “no way,” “lol,” “yuck,” etc. With plenty of capital letters and exclamation points.

These sites seem completely free of creativity, innovation, or insight.

If you’re interested in fashion or street  fashion photography, then I suggest, for example, The Sartorialist - a site that celebrates creativity and innovation.

So, what to wear? Not for me to say. (And, thank God too, because I'm the last person you should ask.) I liked, however, what Naomi Wolf wrote:
Perhaps we will forget to elicit admiration of strangers, and find we don't miss it....

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