26 December, 2011

Eumundi Markets

We visited the Eumundi markets in the Sunshine Coast hinterland (about 20 km's west of Noosa) in the beginning of December. We were already at Twin Waters, so it wasn't too much further on from Brisbane. It was very wet to begin with; then cleared as the day went on; and finally it got wet again as we were leaving in the afternoon. The rain kept the usual crowds away — good for us, bad for the sellers.

I'm not usually a big fan of markets as most of them seem identical to me. This one is one of the better efforts, despite the rain.

I particularly liked the the idea of the"exploding bottle" ginger beer recipe (see the upper-left advice), and also the modest claim of "the Best Ginger Beer in the World," but not enough to try it.

06 December, 2011

Early at the beach 3

It wasn't too long before other photographers arrived. They didn't seem too interested, however, in the fisherman. Unfortunately, the sunrise was not as dramatic as it might have been.

Early at the beach 2

This wasn't my first picture for the day, but for most of the earlier shots it was just a bit too dark. The weather was good and the morning warm, so I didn't have to suffer for my "art." At this point it was only the fisherman and me on the beach.

Early at the beach

I was on the beach for the sunrise at about 4:45am, and stayed while the light was soft. I have a few pictures of this fisherman who beat me onto the beach — and was still there when I left. I'm not a fisherman myself, but I don't mind watching fishing and I don't mind eating fish.

Back to the beach

We went down to the beach at "Burleigh North" on Queensland's "Gold Coast."  I took the opportunity to get up early, when the light wasn't too harsh. (It can be very harsh during a Queensland Summer.) This photo was only at about 120mm (35 mm equivalent).