20 November, 2011

Kids II

I've been avoiding taking pictures of kids because of the current climate. But these guys were just there. I didn't see any parents and they won't be recognisable (except to their parents, of course). So I took the shot. Am I really a bad person?


Even with some open shade, the midday sun at the South Bank Parklands (next to the Brisbane River) makes for difficult shooting. 

Aside from the issues of dynamic range, there's the related problems of sunglasses. It's good that people are protecting their eyes, but they're hiding those eyes from my camera. 

It's little use to ask someone to remove their sunglasses,  because even if they agree, then they'll be dazzled by the light — and will squint. Again, hiding those eyes that are so good to catch in street portraits.

This all comes to mind because I spent a couple of hours at South Bank near midday.

19 November, 2011


Here's a comparison of the X14-42mm (at 35mm, on the right) and the 14-140 (at 32mm, at left). Both were shot n RAW, hand-held, f5.6, 1/1250, ISO160, and with stabilisation. This is a shot of tree across the street. This is a 2 to 1 crop from Lightroom. The crop is from the near-centre of the frame. No sharpening for the crops, but the full frame below has Lightroom's output to JPEG sharpening.

This is the full frame:


I know the 14-140mm to be very sharp at 35mm, so this is pretty good for the 14-42.