25 April, 2011

Photographing kids

I was at the beach last week.

It was late afternoon and we were walking at the water’s edge. The tide was headed out, so there were broad-flats of silver, reflective water. Alone, in the middle of one mirror-like flat was a little girl busy with her plastic pail and shovel. I did a 360 to see if I could locate a parent for permission; but there was none apparent.

I don’t take pictures of other people’s kids (where the kids are recognisable) without permission. In the photo I had in mind, however, the child wouldn’t have been identifiable; but my zoom was easily long enough to have captured it.

I didn’t take the picture.

I can’t help feeling that this paranoia about photographing kids, that seems to grip us all, is akin to the security procedures at the airports. Overkill.

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