23 April, 2011

The new Vivian Maier website

Vivian Maier's 1953 New York
I'm very impressed by the new Vivian Maier website. If you enjoy street photography, her work is not to be missed. (As a brief recap for those unfamiliar with her work: Vivian Maier was an American photographer whose work was only discovered after her death in 2009.)

John Maloof, who discovered Vivian Maier’s work (in her possessions recovered from a storage locker), is working to assure Vivian’s place amongst the greatest street photography artists. Both a book and a documentary are coming, but right now there’s a new website that follows on from the earlier blog that highlighted her work.

The new website offers VM’s work in more accessible galleries, that also provides much greater resolution.

Have a look — be impressed and inspired.

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