31 March, 2011


   Aim for the stars—
   you owe it to yourself.

   Aim for the stars—
   you cannot fail.

   Aim for the stars
   (but not straight up).

Printer 04

In a forum post on the Luminous Landscape, it was pointed out that a new Epson 3880 comes with a full set of 80ml ink cartridges. On the other hand, the R2880 only comes with a set of 11ml cartridges. The cost benefit of this alone closes the price gap between the machines quite considerably.

Another point for the 3880.

A Photographer's Life 2

The Queen as seen by AL
Last Sunday I went to see the Annie Leibovitz show at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney. While I have seen those photos in her book, it was worthwhile to see the prints in exhibition sizes and settings.

I was impressed by the approach, that although the show is made up of both her personal photos and her professional work — she only has one life. So, it's a photographer's life.

I urge you to see the exhibition if you can.