20 February, 2011

Printer 03

Like any prospective buyer of an expensive item, I’ve been doing some homework. In researching the relative merits of the Epson R2880 and the 3880 I’ve learned a few more things:
  • The warranty on the Epson 3880 is considerably better than that of the R2880. (Here in Australia the 3880 is an on-site, while the R2880 is a return to base. Understandable given the larger size of the 3880.)
  • The 3880 ink cartridges are much larger - 80ml. (Epson seems to go out of its way not to mention the cartridge size for the R2880 - 11ml.)
  • As a professional printer, the 3880 is better served by paper manufacturer’s color profiles.
And just recently, in talking about using the Panasonic GH2 (14mp) in Mexico, Michael Reichmann on his Luminous Landscape site reported that,
“I have an Epson 3880 printer here, and have been making 13X19" prints, with a number of them now framed and hanging on my walls in San Miguel, as well as several given and sold to friends and acquaintances here. No one has yet said – Gee, I wish you'd shot these with a larger format camera.”
So far so good for the 3880.

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