23 January, 2011

Printer 02

I've been through the Fine Art Printing videos from Luminous Landscape — twice. 

It seems clear that 12 mega-pixels is enough (at 180 dpi) to print at A2 sizes (for reasonable viewing distances). What is also clear is that not all pixels are created equal.

Kyneton - country Victoria
A2 will probably not be right for printing most hand-held work unless the light is good and the focus right on. So, what does this mean? It means that it was a good thing that I got a tripod for Christmas from my daughter.

I was in country Victoria a couple of week ago and had hoped to give the tripod a workout. Unfortunately, it rained hard — very hard — for many of the days there.

I strongly recommend the Luminous Landscape videos. They address many fundamentally important issues. 

And, as Jeff Schewe (one of the presenters) has a long association with Epson, the videos were particularly relevant to my situation.

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