23 September, 2010

Henri Cartier-Bresson — on YouTube

In French, but with English subtitles, there's an interview with HCB in 5 parts on YouTube.

He's very candid about how he worked and how he sees the role of the photographer. The video is called "L'amour tout court" ("Just Plain Love" 2001).

I was encouraged (maybe "reassured" is a better word) by HCB's acknowledgement of the role of luck. I suppose, however, that in photography, as in everything else, luck favours the prepared.

21 September, 2010

Lightroom 3 tutorial

I recently purchased the Luminous Landscape video guide for Lightroom 3. The best $50 (US$49.95) I've spent in a long time. Lr3 is great, but it really needs this kind of introduction.
Michael Reichman (L) and Jeff Schewe (R)
I'm a regular visitor to Luminous Landscape and have mined its substantial, free content.  Essays and Tutorials are two areas of the LL that deserve every photographer's attention.

It appears, however, that LL is due for a major shakeup. In a recent webcast, Michael Reichmann (LL's originator) announced that the format will be changing — less from Michael Reichmann and more from a group of expert contributors. 

I'm staying tuned.

20 September, 2010

Vivian Maier - an inspiration

An American with a French accent, this woman lived in New York and then Chicago. After a life as a nanny, she died last year in obscurity.

But now her photographs have been discovered. 
I won't waste my time or yours by trying to describe what you can easily see for yourself. 
Vivian Maier (Linked by permission)
Vivian Maier (Linked by permission)
I think this woman's work will be up there with the legends of photography:

Have a look and be inspired.

For me there is the added bonus of revisiting the Chicago of my own youth.

Blue skies

   I want to live

   a blue skies life,
   a summer breeze life;

   and be loved;

   do my share,
   and more;

   and watch; and even

   accept the decline,
   but only some;

   not live forever,
   but longer than I will.

Taking back billdanby.com

I've re-pointed billdanby.com away from universityworkplace.com
Although I don't think there will be any new posts there, the old posts will be available for awhile — at least until the domain name runs out.